The Speedster is an easy, accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your hydro foiling skills. Thanks to the two different mast lengths it can be easily set-up to meet the riders needs, offering both a huge speed range and excellent stability.

The Speedster GT is aimed at the experienced rider who wants to go fast. The new wings offer the average foiler quite some speed moreover it is easy and predictable to ride and a good wing for learning foiling tacks and jibes. The front wing anhedral also helps to keep the wing tips away from the water surface while blasting upwind or carving a hard turn. This helps to prevent ventilation from the wing tip going too close to the water surface. A shorter, additionally offered 65cm mast, reduces the leverage ratio on the foil and makes it even more forgiving. The Speedster GT is the fastest foil of the range, still offers enough control for the experienced rider.

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